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PCAPTURE is the commercial successor of HOMER / SIPCAPTURE, one of the most popular and awarded Open-Source Telephony capture and monitoring applications with thousands of deployments worldwide. PCAPTURE was created to answer the market's own demand and designed to provide a virtually infinite voice monitoring solution, leveraging the experience gathered assisting and developing solutions for some of the largest and busiest ITSPs, Telecommunication Networks and Vendors of Voice Services and Equipment in the industry.

State of the Art Technology

The PCAPTURE platform leverages from the HOMER experience but has been completely designed and written from the bottom up using the best available design and programming techniques to meet the ever growing requirements of our users, easy migration paths from HEP based setups and no design components from his predecessor and no compromises.

Long Term Strategy

Our team has built a strong and spotless reputation over the years and is ready to cope with the most complex issues and deliver tangible results, no matter the challenge. PCAPTURE's data is meant for long-term, and so is out strategy. We have solid foundations into the future and fully own our IP & Technologies.

Open Ends

We contribute technologies and standards to the Open-Source community, providing full cross interoperability and smooth migration paths from HOMER to PCAPTURE. We offer the best of both worlds, to both worlds.

Core Features

  • Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring of Call Sessions & User-Agent Registrations
  • RTP/RTCP/PUBLISH Media QoS Reports Collectors with MOS/R-Factor estimation and Full Statistics
  • CDRs & Log Collectors with integrated parsing facilities for key indexing
  • Automatic Correlation of session, b2bua legs, media session reports, CDRs and logs
  • Highly scalable core design, Multiple Distributed-Database layers for redundant and reliable performance
  • Rich Multi-User User-Interface (HTML5/ExtJS) with LDAP/Radius support and Modular Features
  • Multi-Tier Search Model with both Remote/Local filtering and sub-search capabilities Client-Side
  • 1-Click Complete Session Details, Real-Time Usage Statistics, Fully customizable Dashboard and Widgets
  • Integrated PCAP, CSV/XLS, Archive import/export and Group Sharing functionalities
  • Supports HW & SW Voice Probes operating with the HEP/EEP Encapsulation Protocol (OSS & Commercial Licenses)
  • Multiple Data Backends (NoSQL for Distributed Clusters or RDBMS for Single-Nodes) scalable indipendently
  • Cross-Platform Capture Agents & Analyzers for distributed capture models (Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows)
  • 100% REST API based, fully scriptable from 3rd party platforms, ships integration ready
  ... and MUCH more!

Probe Features

  • Real-Time mirroring and encapsulation of any supported Signaling Protocol [CAPTAGENT, NVOICE]
  • Non-Intrusive DPI & Analysis of RTP/RTCP streams from single or multiple network monitoring locations [NVOICE]
  • Jitter, RTT/Latency, Packet Loss, Codecs/Rates, IP:Port and SIP/SDP Correlation-IDs for each RTP Leg
  • Fully Customizable Sample Interval/Report Rates and Reporting Fields for report granularity tuning
  • Support for bi-directional and mono-directional quality reports (stream correlation)
  • Supports all common/standard codecs and rates (G.711, G.72x, GSM, AMR, etc.)
  • E1/T1 and SDH/SONET HW Monitoring Modules (GSM Gb, Abis, A, C, D, E and F links, 3G Iub, Iucs and Iups links)
  • Native PF_RING support for wire-speed packet capture at zero-loss up to 10G/port on commodity hardware
  • Extensible with plugins to analyze/correlate/duplicate additional protocols (Radius, Diameter, DNS, etc.)
  • Software-only or Hardware configurations/licenses available for all Probe Types
  • Multiple output formats (HEP3/EEP, JSON, NetFlow, SIP PUBLISH, Local DB/Disk on-demand)
  • Low memory footprint and CPU savvy code, cross-platform support

Unlimited Capture Power

PCAPTURE is able to scale with your network and grow with your business and infrastructure thanks to its native clustering design and distributed capture model, handling millions of sessions without any growth limitations.

Smart UI Design

PCAPTURE's UI workflows have been streamlined to provides the fastest possible path to the data and instant drill-down of sessions and troubleshooting. We aim at zero learning curve and friendly access.

Vendor Agnostic

PCAPTURE is platform agnostic and will work with any combination of VoIP Switches, SBCs or SIP ASs regardless of the vendors compatibility using our own cross-platform capture agents and port mirroring in zero-impact setups.

Accept no {L}imitations

PCAPTURE is designed to be future-proof and modular, and is constantly being extended to support past, modern and future protocols and technologies thanks our consortium of specialized technology veterans and partners.

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We provide design, development and technical assistance for both PCAPTURE and HOMER platforms.
24 x 7 x 365   quality and custom tailored support is our pride and joy - Just ask any our customers.

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